The main components
of our project


Opening of 32 Outlets in Sub-Saharan Africa

Modern covered structures, with 150 shops, 15 restaurants and coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and showrooms. Theater for parades and exhibitions, multi cinema hall, 4/5 stars hotel, and golf course.

Cavallo Hotel Golf course and Spa

The maximum expression of Italian hospitality in a modern 4/5 star plus, with attached 18-hole golf course and a spa on the formidable Italian tradition.

Opening for our clients of networks and franchise in African countries

Being present means being able to expand your market also with networks of shops and franchises. Well our local office, already present for years, will take care of offering continuous opportunities to expand the customer base and run with the same speed as the incredible African development

Production and raw materials

Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in raw materials that Made in Italy can transform with the usual skill. Our local supplier service will give each company involved extraordinary opportunities to acquire raw materials, the possibility of opening factories and connecting their creativity to local opportunities.

Our philosophy

Made in Italy means excellence. Africa means development. 
Excellent development is the logical addition and it is our claim


The advantages of the project

586 million



The total population reached is 586 million potential customers divided by the following possibility of annual expenditure on products related to fashion, Made in Italy food and Design.

175 Mio - 40 Eur/Year

117 Mio- 70 Eur/Year

117 Mio- 150 Eur/Year

58 Mio- 500 Eur/Year

58 Mio- 1.500 Eur/Year (more than)

Total potential collections: 150 Billion Euros per year

20,000 Jobs

Ethics and development

We will create 20,000 jobs with an impact on the related industries of about 150,000 people. The beginning of Italian leadership in fighting migratory phenomena. Profits made ethically, sustainably and Made in Italy

Authoritative project

Made in Italy Caput Mundi

No district in western countries has ever faced such an epochal project. So authoritative and consistent with the innovative Italian soul. Made in Italy as an example of making markets where markets are needed, bringing happiness and well-being, where opportunities materialize.

Involving 32 Countries 

1. Angola
2. Benin
3. Burkina Faso
4. Burundi
5. Cameroon
6. Central African Republic
7. Chad
8. Ivory Coast
9. Democratic Republic of the Congo
10. Republic of the Congo
11. Ethiopia

12. Ghana
13. Guinea-Conakry
14. Guinea Bissau
15. Kenya
16. Liberia
17. Mali
18. Mozambique
19. Niger
20. Nigeria
21. Rwanda
22. Senegal

23. Sierra Leone
24. Somalia
25. Sudan
26. Tanzania
27. Togo
28. Uganda
29. Zambia
30. Zimbabwe
31. Equatorial Guinea
32. South Africa



and much more

The excitement and the perfection of the Cavallo format open in Africa to a massive investment campaign for the construction of 4/5 star hotels with golf courses and Spa. A big step for the small hotel company with a view to sustainability and projects innovative 'for a hotel that perfectly marries the needs of businessmen and women, and the...



Individual meetings with associative or private dealers, able to examine the idea, support it within
associations in fashion, food, and life style branches;
These meetings will be preceded by some conference calls or interpersonal meetings in which brief reports will be delivered, a few other documents necessary to prepare the potential dealer...



Innova Srls, co-promoter of the project, will start a promotional and press campaign based on personal contacts with the major opinion leaders of the sectors interested in the project.
During Phase 2, meetings will be held with sets of potential customers with slide shows and information folders on the project. The commercial unit will then be set...


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